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Tennis season is about to start soon. Is there somebody who likes to bet on tennis?
I didn't see a topic so I made one.

Will Nadal do an epic comeback? How about Federer? Does Raonic rise to the top 10?

Brick Top:
I do. I bet frequently on football, basketball, sometimes NFL and tennis of course. I know I will avoid betting on Nadal at least until Acapulco

I don't bet at all, just not my thing. I buy some lotto tickets once in a blue moon, won $5 last week, yey  :)) (well, I spent $10, so I actually lost but whatever) ...

If I bet on, let's say Nole, to win the AO, I'd win sh!t even if he does win. Bet on Rafa losing RG and you might be punished to lose money even if Nadal wins  :)). you have to be crazy and bet on someone outside the top 4 divas to actually make some good $$$$$$$$$$$$. I'm too smart to do that  :whistle:

now, when it comes to that show Britan's got talent, I'd bet that my good bud Sid, with his extraordinary singing skills could win. I'd also bet that Emma is the most beautiful woman in the world, assuming she is the only one competing  :innocent: (other competitors are simply just excluded  :)))

There's some good odds at Hopman Cup, example Anderson vs. Verdasco. I think Anderson will win this match because this type of surface fits him so well and I think he's a very smart and talented player. Verdasco is better in clay courts, so bet on Anderson.


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