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Best food to eat before a match

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As tennis players we are often faced with difficult choices.  Anna K or Maria, Head or Wilson.  one choice we make before everytime we play is waht to eat.  what are some good food/snack ideas you guys have for prematch nourishment.  do they help?  lets have this be a good informational thread so we can learn from one another.

Ill start us off

Dont eat eggs a few hours before you play.  especially not sunny side up.  my knees were very shaky and i lost my balance during this match quite a bit.  

Any sugestions about what to eat?

Lots and lots of carbs and starch, right?

Here, I'll tell you what I eat the night before I play.

Lots of pasta. I usually try to consume an entire box of macaroni and cheese or fettucine alfredo. Something like that.

With that, I add a baked potato for even MORE carbohydrates. Fun stuff, right? Take it easy with the butter tho, no sour cream and add a little salt because supposedly, salt keeps you from getting cramps so I liek to get some in my system.

Throw in a roll for some starch and MAYBE a little tuna if I feel like some protein. Then, I usually wake up about 6am for my 8am match the next day. That morning, I usually just have some dry cereal becuz it usually has about 40% carbs. And I throw in a little more macaroni and cheese with it just to be sure I have enough carbs for energy.

Then, immediatly before I play, I have a few bites of banana just becuz they always tell you to eat those at the jr tourneys.

I never said this stuff tasted good So I think I eat pretty good. I struggle with lasting through long matches. In fact, I remember a match I had earlier this year against this kid ranked number 11 in the state currently. Well, there's no way I'm supposed to hang with this kid and I'm up 5-2 in the first set. What happens? I run out of gas and lose the set in a tiebreaker then go out 6-3 in the second. Since then, Ive learned my lesson about being lazy and that's why I throw in the extra mac & cheese the morning b 4 my matches now.


Well, I have found that the 21" pizza I have been ordering on Friday nights does me no good on the court on Saturdays.  So avoid the 21" pizza.   :whistle:

I like the pasta too.  I try to not over eat it though, just a good portion, with some chicken.  I love pasta and chicken.

I usually get hungry quickly, so I always have a small snack in my bag too.

I eat a banana. Does the trick for me!

A banana does not fill me up.  :(

By the way, some insight to the first post...

Kournikova and Wilson of coarse!


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