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Fill-In-The-Draw (FITD) Rankings Thread - Week 17 Rankings Out!

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I will be doing the rankings, starting after week 1 :)) The first post will be updated with the latest rankings, and I will post them separately as well.

Rankings After Week 17

Rankings After Week 1

Brick Top:
I suck big time!


--- Quote from: Brick Top on January 06, 2013, 02:48:21 PM ---I suck big time!

--- End quote ---

It's all a game of luck. The game will really change at the AO ;) Just make a good draw there, and you'll get to number 1!

Clay Death:
guys i messed up. i was not paying attention. i am usually doing too many different things at the same damn time.
i will make sure i play all future events.


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