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Indian student Shreya creates world record in SAT, TOEFL scores

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In that case, you totally missed the intention of that question.  :)~

But was it personal because it was of sexual nature?  :innocent:


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--- Quote from: Start da Game on December 29, 2012, 01:46:18 AM ---yeah i liked her as well.......very nice girl and grounded........

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let's hope that Emma will watch this video and learn something (life is not all about your nails, Murray is just a silly Scott who's an OK tennis player, but not your boy friend etc :whistle:)
 :rofl_2:, Shank sorry I brought Emma here, but I strongly feel she could benefit here.

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Alex, I am proud of her but not proud of you. At least she won't be looking for a job where they will still ask her stupid questions like, "so where do you see yourself in 5 years time". One look at her resume and they'll know where she wants to be. Get it?  :rofl_2:

Oh I feel evil too.... :)~

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oh, I'm not looking for a job any more. too boring... I've realized that work is not for me. I prefer to do nothing, drink martinis all day long,  and enjoy my money (left by my ex someone)... however, in 5 years, I see myself doing the same thing, meaning nothing  :uh: ... are you jealous? 


--- Quote from: Emma on December 30, 2012, 08:12:51 AM ---Also from India and more recent...

Black Saturday in India

A female physiotherapy student was beaten and gang raped in Delhi on 16 December 2012, and died thirteen days later undergoing emergency treatment in Singapore for brain and gastrointestinal damage from the assault. The female victim and a male companion boarded a bus in South Delhi in the evening after watching a movie, and were assaulted by five passengers already aboard. She was taken to Safdarjang Hospital, received multiple surgeries, and was placed on mechanical ventilation. On 26 December, she was moved to Singapore for further treatment, and died on 29 December.

As of 21 December 2012, six men, including the bus driver, have been arrested. The incident has generated international coverage and was condemned by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, who called on the Government of India and the Government of Delhi “to do everything in their power to take up radical reforms, ensure justice and reach out with robust public services to make women’s lives more safe and secure”. Public protests took place in Delhi, where thousands of protesters clashed with security forces. Similar protests also took place through out the country in major cities.

The victims, a 23-year-old physiotherapy student and her male friend, were on their way home after watching a movie in Saket in South Delhi.They boarded a bus that was being driven by joyriders at about 9.30 pm. The woman became suspicious when the bus deviated from its normal route and its doors were shut. When she objected, the group of six men already on board taunted the couple, asking what they were doing alone at a late hour.When the victim's friend tried to intervene, he was beaten, gagged and knocked unconscious with an iron rod. The men then dragged the woman to the rear of the bus beating her with the rod and raping her while the bus drove. Medical reports later suggested that the woman suffered serious injuries to her abdomen, intestines and genitals due to assault and penetration using a blunt object suspected to be the same rod. That rod was later described by police as being a rusted, L-shaped implement of the type used with a wheel jack. After the beatings and rape ended, the gang threw the two from the moving bus, and one of the perpetrators later cleaned the vehicle. Police impounded it the next day.The woman and her companion were found by a passerby on the road, partially clothed and unconscious, around 11 pm. The passerby phoned Delhi Police, who took the couple to hospital, where the woman was given emergency treatment and placed on mechanical ventilation.

On 28 December 2012, 11 AM (IST), her condition was "extremely critical" and the Chief Executive Officer of the Mount Elizabeth Hospital said that the woman suffered brain damage, pneumonia, abdominal infection, and that she was "fighting for her life." [20] Her condition continued to deteriorate, and she died at 4:45 AM on 29 December, Singapore Standard Time.

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This is very sad and pathetic news, poor gal..., The 5 people who raped her must be of criminal mind, Indian government should take serious action on this as it is very shameful...


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