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Any idea about this racket ?


Hello fellows ,
I bought a new Wilson racket and i need to know if it is a good one and suitable for me.
I am 36 years old , 190cm tall with a strong body , I will post a screenshot for the racket and please i will need your advice and reviews about it because if it is not suitable i will try to return it and replace it , Also i will need your advice about the best racket someone like me can use.

Thanks in advance and have a great day.

How good of a player are you and what kind of game do you play? 

Have you read tenniswarehouse's reviews in the racquet yet?

I play tennis now for maybe 4 month but i am progressing quickly .. maybe because i used to play when i was young but i stopped playing for a long time ! Actually i consider myself a baseliner player and i am trying to improve myself and advance towards the net sometimes.
Do you mean tenniswarehouse's website ? No . I did not because i tried to find the racket there and i could not , please if you can  find it provide me with a link yo check for the reviews.
Thanks for your reply and have a great day :)


this is very good post

that seems more of an advanced racquet due to the smaller head size. if you're just starting off, you might want to try one with a larger head size for less strain on the arms and a little extra oomph in your swings


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