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Federer fans unite! Say no to moonballism! Volume 1

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NO to moonballism!


--- Quote from: mimi on January 08, 2013, 10:48:28 PM ---is his hairs thining?  :confused1:

--- End quote ---
yeah, and his nose is growing  :gleam:

Down with Dulls moonballs.

I'm  not Fed fan but I'm all for NO TO MOONBALISM. That should have been the title of this thread  :)~
We already have player thread in its section  :)~

As to moonbalism. I really think Nadal doesn't necessarily moonball. He hits with so much top-spin that creates excessive troubles to the opponents.
What I really hate about moonballin is when they only send the ball in play without any intention of putting it to certain places or any intention of finishing the point.
I've watched ALL Tommy's matches(that were available) in last 8 years or so, and I've seen him moonball like 5 times  :)~ , even that its too much, I'll have to slap him in the face if I see him do that again  :))


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