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Why isn't David Nalbandian playing the 2013 Australian Open?

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I heard it was because he was focusing on Davis Cup this year. However now that Del-Potro has pulled the self-absorbed move of pulling out, Argentina have no chance as Monaco is well...useless. After Del-Potro's decision to play no Davis cup this year, wouldn't that push Nalbandian to playing his last ever Australian Open? really odd decision on his part, as the down under leg is the best part of the season. Also as someone attending the Aus Open , its a massive disappointment to hear that i won't be able to play. Does he think Argentina stand a chance? must be delusional. No guarantees that he or Monaco will play every tie anyway, and Germany and France back to back are very difficult.

Also leaves a big hole in the draw. As Baghdatis is now seeded, Nalbandian was one of the last unseeded players to have any starpower of capability of putting on a round 1/2 blockbuster with a big gun. Gulbis has also withdrawn for some strange reason, now the draw is severely lacking in darkhorses that can beat anyone on any given day. I only see Monfils and Tomic, and i was hoping they would go deep rather than draw a big time player. Berdych/Tsonga or any other player around that rank not named ferrer vs Nalbandian round one on hisense sounds like a cracker. Such a pity

He will be sorely missed in Melbourne


I always wait for Nalbandian to have that "magic" tournament, he can play dominant tennis at times but never could put it all together for seven matches.
I don't know why he's not playing.

For a guy whose not charming by any means, his absense is really felt.


--- Quote from: Babblelot on January 09, 2013, 07:13:07 PM ---For a guy whose not charming by any means, his absense is really felt.

--- End quote ---

It's always good for Isner in the draw, he adds a little tension and can cause a lot of problems.

Wrong thread...  :paper bag:


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