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WOMEN -- Australian Open 2013

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Na Li played well - I saw her take the first set with conviction after pulling it back having been broken.
Sharapova hasn't dropped a set here yet. 

Results for the 22nd January QF :

Na Li bt A.Radwanska 75,63
Sharapova  Bt  Makarova 62,62

My pair Vinci / Erranni  bt S & V Wiliams in the doubles!    I hope they can go on to take the title.

Schedule of play for the 23rd January:

Kuznetsova is playing beautifully - up 4- 2 and serving.  Mind you, this means nothing yet - the day is young!   :)

As for the other QF - I hope Stephens can forget who she's playing & give it all she can! 

Edit:  And never in doubt!  Azarenka breaks back!    I do like SK's game though.

I just had to go through this agony watching the Sveta/Azarenka match. Could someone please put some duck tape on Azarenka's mouth? can't stand it.  ..-). I used some duck tape for my ears, but it didn't work out  :whistle:. I officially hate Screamarenka  :insane: and this was my last attempt to watch women playing tennis  :)&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;

Oooooo.... Sloane just Almagro'd that service game. Too scared to beat her idol.

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Serena isn't at 100% healthy so who knows what's going to happen in this match?


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