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WOMEN -- Australian Open 2013

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--- Quote from: Alex on January 26, 2013, 05:54:31 AM ---
--- Quote from: euroka1 on January 26, 2013, 05:43:11 AM --- :))

She said "Happy Australia Day everyone"

All is forgiven

--- End quote ---
no, it's NOT. happy my a$$ for not sleeping all night long to watch this sh.t ..-). Screamarenka trying too hard to be loved  :mad1:. just stupid and Li Na has more charm in her little pinky than Screamarenka. I don't care that Azarenka won. I dislike her so much  :mad1:. just can't watch any WTA matches any more :whip:

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Sorry, wrong country  :dunno: .

Chris Taylor, wherever he is,  will be very happy.

Djokovic Champion:
It was a a fantastic final. Li Na was very well them all your injuries in the match and Azarenka is the world number one.


--- Quote from: Mertov on January 25, 2013, 05:12:16 PM ---Hi Gawdblessya,

I agree with you on Azarenka.  I guess I did not express it well.  I certainly believe, like you, that she should be taken to task.  The part that bothers me is that somebody like Azarenka has to unintentionally (<-- underlined) be more honest than others so that everyone jumps at the opportunity to cry foul.  None of the so-called experts said a word although they knew that this has been a major problem in the WTA for a long time.  The only detail where I differ slightly from you is where WTA and ATP are equally guilty of this (and maybe you did not mean that anyway).  It is a much bigger problem in the WTA. 

..............  It happens in men's tournaments too, but a lot less frequently than with the women. 

I also hope, like you, that Na Li will win the title.

--- End quote ---

Hello Mertov, - thanks for your response.  I take your points, but have not compared the rate of tactical rule breaking between the men & the women.  In accepting what you say, I question yet again the equal prize money.  Does merit not count for anything?  If they play only 3 sets in the majors, and rule breaking is rife, where is the incentive to play & win on merit? Why would they bother to play fair & square? 

As for the finals match, I'm sorry that Na Li couldn't do the deed.   I'm not overly fond of her game, but like her work ethic. To be competing at this level at her age is commendable. I'm not going to congratulate VA.  I won't give a cheat a pat on the back.

Excellent outcome for my doubles team - congratulations to Errani / Vinci for winning the trophy!


well, I was rooting for Li Na and all things considered she did try her best but Victoria was too strong. Gotta hand it to Victoria for playing really well through the audience booing her and the media getting on her, etc.

So. Congrats to Victoria and her fans. Congrats to Li Na for making another final. Hopefully, there's bigger things on the horizon for Li Na.


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