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The T4U ~ Daredevil ~ Ongoing Contest (Read OP

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Orange Wombat:
I admit I had originally planned this for MTF, but the permaban kind of...ruined that.  :Confused: Well, anyway, let's get this s**t started!   :gleam:

How to Play:

Have you ever played the deadly game of Truth and Dare? Well, this is kind of like that, except without the 'truth' part.

Basically, once you enter the contest you can dare someone to do something (that can be proved of course). Or, you can fulfill a dare ( :scared:). Post the proof on this thread, and you will be awarded 10 points. The scores will be recorded.

How to be Eligible for the Contest

All you have to do to establish yourself as a competitor is to post on this thread: "I declare myself worthy of humiliation". Then I will record your name and keep a track of your total points.

What kind of dares?

You msut dare someone to do something THAT CAN BE PROVED. Examples include daring someone to post an avatar of a fat man on a unicycle, or daring a Nadulltard to post "Fed is the best" in their signature. OR, you can dare someone to do something in real life, and they post picture evidence here on the thread. Ex. "I dare you to bring a picture of you wearing a tutu."

How do you ask dares?

Start with "I dare (poster's name) to do...." and post it ON THIS THREAD.

Fulfilling dares

If this is a picture dare, you must show evidence ON THIS THREAD.


Scores will be included on the next post. Everytime someone fulfills a dare, they recieve 10 points. The person must aim to have the most points by year end.

What if I don't want to do a dare?

Then don't do it. No need for whining.  ::))2

Any more questions?

If someone wants to co-manage, PM me please.

Let the contest BEGIN!  :)) :)) :)>>>>

Orange Wombat:
The scores will be posted here:

Captain Orange Wombat- 0

General Brick Top- 0

General Freak3yman84- 20

Brick Top:
I declare myself worthy of humiliation

Orange Wombat:
I declare myself worthy of humiliation

Orange Wombat:

--- Quote from: Brick Top on January 10, 2013, 05:49:17 PM ---I declare myself worthy of humiliation

--- End quote ---

Great! Spread it around!


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