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WWW Australian Open R1: Hewitt v Tipsarevic


Brick Top:
Clash of the first round. Should be a good entertaining contest, I like both of players but will cheer for Lleyton in this one.
Lleyton in 5

FreakyGOAT > CD:
The man in my sig in 5.

Is my dream.

In reality: 'Sarevic in 4.

this match should be so much fun. I'm really praying that Hewitt will take it. Go Rusty  :shakey:

Clay Death:
tipsy is a beast and he is so much younger but i am cheering for rusty.
rusty in 5. :))
great work general brick.

Am picking Lleyton to win this. He's not going to give it up so easy. will be a cracker.


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