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Donald Young lost in the final round of the qualifiers!


Donald Young (USA)  4  6  3       
Jamie Baker (GBR)  6  1  6     

Wonderfull news that i'm just so please for Jamie,he's had a fair amount of injury and illness.

Wow.  I did not realize he even needed to qualify to play!

Not good news however for Donald Young! 

The "Donald" will have to play in the "Futures" tournaments to build back his rank to get into the main draw of the Challenger tournaments and then after that; maybe able to go back to the main draw of the "Master" series tournaments.  Current ranking is 189! 

Otherwise; he would have to play in each of the Challenger and Master pre-qualifying.   Very rough road to go deep into the main draw when you have to qualify!

Oh my!  Poor Donald! 


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