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The Quick and the Dead Tennis Game

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Here's how the game works: Someone posts a picture of a player (retired, or active, doesn't matter!)
Others guess who the picture is of, until someone gets it right.
Once someone gets it right, repeat the process.
This is called "The Quick and the Dead Tennis Game" because you must pull the trigger before someone does before you :))

I'll start this off:

Also, try and stay away from cheating (looking it up on Google, which you can actually do!)

Have fun!

okay i'll guess this one and post a new one, confirm it and then i'm off.

To-Jo aka
thomas johansson.


Clay Death:
that was definitely johanson generalito. :))
your picture is not showing for some reason.

Clay Death:
excellent thread idea general freaky. keep it going and keep it fun. :))


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