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The Quick and the Dead Tennis Game

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Clay Death:
so lets say you start doing 15,000 posts a year here starting next year, by the time you hit age 45 you will have 450,000 posts at this thread.
that will make it the world`s largest single thread ever. it will become a major tournist attraction.
we have 62 volumes at mtf castle. each one has 5000 posts. so if that was a single thread it would have 310,000 posts in it.

Where did you find the record?

Clay Death:
all i can do is take a wild guess about the record.
there must be some thread out there with around 200,000 posts. that number does seem quite high.

Clay Death:
general virruzzz are you feeling confident about roger`s chances in rotterdam?
javi posted some highlights a few posts back. you can have a look at them. i thought 58 minutes was good. he looked to be moving well and hitting his forehand with authority and confidence.

Clay Death:
4 puzzles. you must get all 4 right or you are out and the next person gets to pull the trigger.
who are these players?
3. who is the player on the left?



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