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Best of Five 5th Set Tie-breaker is ready

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--- Quote from: Babblelot on January 20, 2013, 09:54:35 PM ---It has to be a hair less boring than playing it out for 8 points, agreed?  :))  That's the problem with hyperbolic arguments.

--- End quote ---

OK, but it wouldn't be a hyperbolic argument if a tiebreak ended with a boring score of 7-4 or 7-3 rather than losing a game and being at deuce or losing a game and being at AD. Just another situation that would make a tiebreak boring :yawn:

Yes, extended fifth sets take gladiator-like strength. The point is, they aren't gladiators. They're tennis players. What's the point of going on for a freakishly long stretch of 40-0 or 40-15 holds where it just becomes who can serve more aces than double faults? And then, unless it's a final or the winner is Djokovic or Nadal, the person is just going to go on to the next match and get murdered. The tennis suffers and the players suffer. I say a fifth set tiebreaker is better. Plus, your argument about more epic extended fifth sets than epic fifth-set tiebreakers is void. One slam has fifth-set tiebreakers. The other three and the Davis Cup have extended fifth sets. So there's a lot more chances to have an epic extended fifth set. And don't even bring up Isner-Mahut. That fifth set sucked. There were hardly any points. It was almost exclusively aces, service winners, double faults, and return winners.

Rollin' Old School.
Play it out.
Never seemed to be much of an issue until the equipment and the court speed changed. :\

Let the players, fans, and big $$$ associated with those changes pay the consequence for their actions.  Long, boring matches between players barely able to move into the forecourt.


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