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What's Nole's problem? (AO not special)

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It turns out that there's nothing at all special about the AO. Very good and great players - even defensive players like Ferrer - can get through 5 sets in a perfect 3:30. It's almost like for Nole and Rafa, Plan A is to break your opponent physically: just keep going and going and going until the opponent's level of play drops off significantly more than theirs does.

I don't mind that coming from David Ferrer. He doesn't have any choice but he's not someone who's matches get much notice. By contrast, Rafa and Nole are marquis players. Their passivity is just beyond annoying. I'm starting to lose respect for both of them. They're turning the sport into a farce. Only cricket fans want to watch a game that exceeds 3:30. 5-6 hours? Tennis? Most of us aren't cricket fans. Was Isner-Mahut really great? Hell no! It was a bloody 3 day cricket match. The fact that Aussies and Brits will sit through 5-6 hours/3 days of  mindnumbing tennis only adds to the farce Nole and Rafa perpetuate in Melbourne. Those fans are cricket fans!!!!

...maybe the cricket fans down under did feel cheated by Federer and Tsonga tonight. I'm guessing they did, but I'm not a cricket fan, I have no idea what goes through their mindnumbed brains.

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Because they are almost behind baseline all the time, it is nothing new.  :rofl_2:

What's Nole's problem? i don't think he has one.Let's look @ this way errrrr,he's no1 in the rankings for now.

Winter blues. :blue:

Nothing can be nicer than watching a long, languid cricket match in summer  ..-) .

what is Babs problem? need a new gf  :)~?


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