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Djokovic's Position Among The GREATS !!

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I felt indulged to start this thread just in awe of Djokovic's playing abilities. I think Djokovic is the only complete player ever (his volleying is not a liability) and even if he doesn't manage to win 17+ slams . . . surely he should have a place among the tennis greats ?
Given the fact that he is in an era where grandslams are shared might affect his legacy because people always seem to remember grandslams count but his playing skills and abilities should be top 5 of all time even if I haven't seen them all.

So which position will Djokovic fall in your list when considering skills and abilities combined ??

I don't know about the ULTIMATE complete player.. His volleys are better every year, and I expect to see Djokovic do better in the future volley-concerned, but as of right now he doesn't seem to be a natural volleyer and you can see quite a few "easy" volleys missed by Djokovic...

Apart from that, he has turned into a great tennis player and I think he will have a place between the greatest... Although it is too soon to call it...

He's playing at a "great" level now.
But many things go into being one of the all time greats.
Slams, weeks at #1 etc.
He's headed in the right direction.  :cool:

his volleying is fine and improved a lot. I'm glad you brought this up btw. He is already in top 12 of all time if I remember correctly. There is a list on MTF. He is certainly in a position to win many more slams, but time will tell. Nole is a guaranteed HOF member etc

Djokovic is definitely a complete player, no weaknesses.

I think Djokovic has some develop to go to be come a complete player.  He needs to improve his overhead smash and needs to improve his movement too; sometime he is out of position after his returns.  He does have a nice serve and an okay return of serve.  But that not going to cut it when you up agains a 3.5-4.0 player in the big leagues! 

He needs get some 3.5-4.0 drills and work on his game. 


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