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Zionism in pop culture
« on: August 15, 2014, 10:43:22 AM »
I've been thinking of music and politics in the past few months, ofc I've been listening to the news, like everybody else, even of lowly everyday politics........and the troubles in Israel reminded me of some of the hidden Zionist messages of some pop songs i used to love as a child, and now, as an adult I appreciate even more the sophistication of these people who tried to fight for their faith, culture and country even in these subtle and hidden ways.... I translate this song for you, original translation by me,  Nekro :P

Álmodtam csillagot
Dúdoltam halálomat
Játszottam nyitott szemmel álmodót
Könnyekkel születtem
Átkokkal pöröltem
Nem voltam sem ördög, sem angyal

Álmodtam csillagot
Dúdoltam halálomat
Holnapra lehet, útnak indulok
Lángokba öltözök
Az égbe úgy költözök
Csillagom álma ott majd én leszek

R.: Hogyha kell, majd itt hagyom
Hogyha kell, majd neked adom
Álmaim s a csillagom
Minden percem, gondolatom

Hogyha kell, majd itt hagyom
Hogyha kell, majd neked adom
Álmaim s a csillagom
Hogyha kell, majd neked adom

Adtam a szívemet
Adtam a lelkemet
Ráadásul egész életem
Hogyha majd elmegyek
Arra hadd kérjelek
Emlékezz, én is ember voltam

I dreamt  star (jewish David star)
i hummed my own death
i played dreamer with open eyes
I was born with tears,
Sued with curses
I was neither a devil nor an angel

Chorus: If needed, I'll leave it here, if needed, I'll give it to you
My dreams and my star
My every minute and thought

I gave my heart
I gave my soul
In addition, my whole life.....
When I leave,
Let me ask you
Remember, I was a human being too.....

wow,  :worthy: and as a teenager i saw only the sexy chick and the cool music:P

have you got similar examples from pop culture you want to share?
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