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This is an exclusive thread for NWOBHM, thrash, gothic, symphonic, operatic & death metal music. We can start by discussing the big 4 - Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer & Anthrax. I own several albums by Metallica and 1 Megadeth but not the other 2. I'll be looking into them.

This might be the best metal track I've ever heard:

Metallica - To Live Is To Die (Studio Version)

The middle acoustic section that begins at 5:00 is so emotional.

Clay Death:
well done general fed fan. :))
people can post all heavy metal stuff here now and also come here to enjoy it.
can you post a list of top 20 heavy metal bands of all time here when you get a chance.
maybe even top 30 if possible.

Clay Death:
how come def leppard doesnt get the respect they deserve in music circles?

Who decides respect in music circles- Rolling Stone magazine?


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