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Federer said something and gestured to Murray - What that about???

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Federer Yells Toward Murray - Australian Open Semifinal

I  watched the ESPN repeat of the semis between Murray and Federer and during the 4th set; Federer put his first finger to his one eye and looked towards Murray.  But before this; he said something to Murray which the commentator stated later on that it was concerning Murray given up during a rally?   I was puzzle why Federer would be so concern with Murray's competitiveness since Murray was handling Federer pretty well.

Can someone explain what lead up to this event?  I just do not get it!  What did I miss out on?

From Andy Murray's interview:

Q.  How surprised were you by what he shouted when you were at the net at 6 5 in the fourth?  You had a funny look on your face at that point.
ANDY MURRAY:  I mean, I wasn't that surprised.  I mean, stuff like that happens daily in tennis matches.  You know, in sport, the stuff that some people say on football pitches and in basketball and all sorts of sports.  I mean, it was very, very mild in comparison to what happens in other sports.  It's just one of those things.


Q.  Did it rattle you at all?
ANDY MURRAY:  No.  I think it didn't rattle me.  I think he raised his game, you know, and that's what happens.  Sometimes guys need to get, you know, emotion into the match.
He definitely raised his level and played    in that game I think he hit two balls onto the line and was extremely aggressive after that.


Q.  Can you repeat what he said?
ANDY MURRAY:  It's not relevant what he said.  You know, it doesn't really matter.  It's something that happens, like I say, all the time on tennis courts, in sport, all the time.
Especially when it's a one on one sort of individual combat.  It's not relevant.  There's no hard feelings.

Q.  Was it a word that we might struggle to get in our newspapers?
ANDY MURRAY:  It's not relevant what was said, you know.  I'm sure Roger won't talk about it and I have no interest in discussing it either, because, like I say, it happens all the time.
People will want to make a big deal of it and it isn't really a big deal.

Found out that the actual exchange was edited down from about 15 seconds to 5 seconds.  I guess they wanted to protect pro tennis and Federer's image.  I find that shocking.

He was gesturing at was the sky. What he said was, "What? Double rainbow, all the way across the sky. Wow, Wow! Oh my god! Double rainbow!"

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Brick Top:
Link is unavailable  :mad1:

Australian Open 2013: Andy Murray plays down spat with Roger Federer .Roger Federer may be known across the world as the epitome of sportsmanship, but he showed during the semi-final against Andy Murray that anyone can lose their cool.   After being passed by a ferocious forehand at a critical stage of the fourth set, Federer could clearly be seen swearing at Murray from the net. Depending on which lip-reader you consulted, he either said “F------ stop” or “You f------ stopped”.   The second version perhaps makes a little more sense. In the previous few games, Murray had twice stopped in the middle of points, expecting a call of “out” from a linesperson, and had then been forced to continue when no call came. It is possible that Federer thought he was trying to influence the officials.   Murray responded to the outburst with a sneery sort of grin. He said afterwards that he had not been rattled, even though he went on to suffer a service break in the next few points. But he did admit: “I think Roger raised his game. Sometimes guys need to get emotion into the match.”   Asked what had been said, Murray replied: “It’s not relevant. There are no hard feelings. I wasn’t that surprised. I mean, stuff like that happens daily in tennis matches. In sport, the stuff that some people say on football pitches and in basketball and all sorts of sports – it was very mild in comparison to what happens in other sports. It’s just one of those things.”   Federer also played down the incident. “I mean, it wasn’t a big deal anyway. We just looked at each other one time. That’s OK, I think, in a 3½-hour match. We were just checking each other out for bit. That wasn’t a big deal for me. I hope not for him.”   

The way Murray was hammering Roger on the court, it came as no surprise that Roger was antsy at the end of that 4th set.. Also, Roger was playing to stay in the match and consequently, playing his best tennis of the whole evening..Can't blame Roger for being ticked off.  :\

Hats off to Andy though for taking it easy! He is proving he is fast in the 'cabeza', as well as on the court!! ;-()


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