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Hello everyone!

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Filippo Volandri:
Hey, you all know who this is! Yes, it's Francis, #1 Filippo Volandri fan in the world :)

Let me introduce myself to all who may not know me, I'm Francis, 22, live in Richmond Virginia. I've followed tennis since I was about 8 or 9, watching Agassi-Sampras classics, Safin and other former greats, and I've grown up with Federer and Nadal as the two biggest and best in the game. My favorite is, obviously, Volandri :) By a huge margin, and I prefer lower ranked players overall compared to the top guys, but I also like Rafa, Roger, Nole on the men's side, and Serena and Azarenka on the WTA tour.

Hope to see all of you around   :))

Welcome to the forums!

Vamos Filo. Welcome!  :))

Filippo Volandri:
Hey everyone :) Thanks for the welcoming!

Francis, check your PM (go to the grey bar at the top of the page and click "My Messages")  :))


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