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Viva Italia------the thread for Italian pros on the circuit!

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Filippo Volandri:
If you knew me from MTF you know my favorites are Italian players, specifically, Volandri, Bolelli, Starace, and Fognini. This thread is here to document their results, as well as the other Italians (Seppi, Cipolla, WTA Italians) on tour since there isn't a thread for any of them!

If you're a fan of the Italians then you're totally going to be at home here!  :))

Filippo Volandri:
Pippo defends finalist points in So Paulo coming up in a few weeks and will be removed from the top 100 if he doesn't win matches in Brazil or in Via  :mad1:

Hopefully he can manage some decent results during the Golden Swing. Simone, Flavio and Fabio will also be playing the Golden Swing, and Starace will be in qualies.

On the WTA side, Errani and Vinci won the doubles title in Australia  :gleam:  Neither did much in singles but they're an amazing doubles pair and consolidated their #1 rankings; the girls defeated the William sisters along the way as well. Great job for them to do it on hardcourt! Now hopefully the two can do well in Paris indoors this week, singles and doubles!

With Nadal playing Sao Pualo, that doesn't leave Pippo with much of a chance  :\

Filippo Volandri:
I don't expect a title, but a QF in both Chile and Brazil would be nice and he's capable of it. In fact a SF in Chile should be possible considering the draw is weak. He's also going to be in the MD of Argentina and Mexico and Acapulco is a 500 event, so he needs to try to win a match there.

If he can go something like 4-4 during the Golden Swing, that would be a good stepping stone for his challenger matches.

BTW, you proved me wrong about Pippo taking a set off of Simon!  :))


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