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Viva Italia------the thread for Italian pros on the circuit!

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Filippo Volandri:
Well, Simon was injured. But Pippo did take a set like I said he could, and had a 40-15 lead for 6-4 3-0  :lmao:  And then everything went away. You were still right in that Pippo got more or less routined. Oh well, HC isn't his thing. I don't care about his results off clay or against players top 40 and lower, because I know he will 98/100 times lose.

Wow I had no idea he was leading! Did you see it live? What happened?

BTW: Check your PM (type grey bar "My Messages")

Filippo Volandri:
Yes, he was ahead the second set too. I started getting excited, but I knew when he was broken at *2-0 second set, it was over. I didn't bother watching it because I knew he wasn't going to win  :)) 

I responded to your message!

Orange Wombat:

Filippo Volandri:
Fabio is dreamy  ://


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