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Tennis Beauty Duel : Maria Sharapova vs Ana Ivanovic

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into the wild:
Great tennis player, excellent personality, plays with great intensity and skill. It is one and only Maria Sharapova. This Russian beauty captivates with her figure on and off court and really makes tennis tournaments more interesting to watch in more than one way.

One of the most attractive women in world sports and one of the most successful ones, too. Serbian tennis star Ana Ivanovic. Tennis princess that has great personality and plays with intensity and passion. Appeals to tennis audience world wide.

Both are very pretty, but who is your favorite between Maria and Ana ?

lol at your first post but hey it's all good. Ana is more beautiful than Masha but that's just my opinion.

All Maria has over Ana are the legs. Ana beats Maria when it comes to breasts, face and ass.

I've always thought Maria Sharapova was overrated in her looks. Ana has a much prettier face and a better butt. Sharapova has practically no chest, so Ana has her beat there as well. Never really been much of a leg person, so I have no idea who has better legs. Kirilenko blows em both out of the water in all categories though.

why aren't there choice for personality?  :))


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