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Just saw this, and had to make one  :)) So here's my assessment of my game:

Forehand: 8- My forehand is my weapon. I have a semi-western grip so I can hit with a lot of spin and a lot of power. The only downside is sometimes it lands a bit to short because it's hard to hit it deep with a semi-western grip.

Backhand: 5- I have a 2-handed backhand, that I really can't do s**t with. No spin, no power, no nothing. The only thing I can say, is that it's consistent. My backhand never really breaks down like my other shots will. Sometimes when I'm playing badly, I'll even run around my forehand to hit a backhand push down the middle a la Pico Monaco  :)~

Serve: 6.5- My serve is so up and down, there's almost no use in evaluating it, but I will regardless. I hit a very flat serve. When it's on, it's my go to shot. The only problem is, it usually isn't on. My 2nd serve is mediocre, as it is really attackable. It's not a huge liability though, since I'm an awesome defender  :))

Volley: (I have to separate them due to their huge differences!)
Forehand: 3- I can't do anything with my forehand volley. It's weak, and it's useless. It's so flimsy that every time I try and hit through a forehand volley, it winds up being a drop volley  :rofl_2:
Backhand: 8.5- I can hit a solid backhand volley, whether it's slice, drop, or drive. It's just awesome. My favorite play is a serve and then a backhand volley put-a-way. It's always a shot I can rely on.

Overhead: 6.5- It's solid, but prone to breaking down. Decent technique, but it really isn't a shot I like to hit too often


Speed: 10- I'm a fast little dude  :)~ I can be off on one side of the court and get to a ball on the opposite side. I like to play defensive due to my ability to just get every damn ball back!

Slice (backhand): My backhand slice is puzzling. I actually use a 2-handed slice that has tons of sidespin. It really confuses my opponents, as it can bounce in the middle of the court all the way to the other side. It's a classic shot of mine.

Jumping backhand swinging volley: Another one of my favorite shots. Confuses my opponents, and I rely on it when my overhead isn't working.

Mental game: 3- I'm a natural choker. Some examples:
I was at 4-0 with the other kid serving at *15-40. The next thing I know I'm down 4-5 *30-40... Luckily I still won the set (and the match)!

I've had countless times where I've lost sets after holding SPs. But luckily nothing too major, which is why I get a 3.

Other notes: I'm kind of a natural at tennis. I don't take private lessons like most kids do. If I practiced a bit more I think I'd be pretty darn good. Also, I don't play many tournaments because I really don't like them. My parents make me do them though... I really just like playing tennis for fun.

Anyway, I play my first tournament since doubles in September this week. It's a huge tournament with a bunch of top kids, so I'm not expecting much.

Also, high school tryouts are coming up for me this summer. My high school team BLOWS! So even as a freshman I'm almost guaranteed singles.

Thanks!  :))

Sorry for the bad grammar, I was lazy  :)~

Good luck in the tourney and the school tryouts!  Always love the journals!


--- Quote from: Tennis4you on February 06, 2013, 06:03:12 AM ---Good luck in the tourney and the school tryouts!  Always love the journals!

--- End quote ---

Thanks Scott!

Wow, what a great assessment of your game for such a young player!!! :))
I liked the bit about the 'jumping/swinging 2HBH volley'.  That must be a sight to behold.
Sorry to hear your parents are pushing on the tourney play.  I hope they have your best interests at heart.
Keep having fun & practice as much as you can and are willing to.
Both will yield huge results in the long run and will increase your enjoyment of the game.
Good luck on the HS tennis team!


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