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Just to update this a bit:

I played yesterday at this club I usually play at on Saturdays and I played like s**t. I talked to the coach though...

I saw he played with the two handled racquet and did the volleyball style serve, so I asked him if he knew the Battistones. He said he knows Brian Battistone really well, and he has their racquet. He showed me it's just a Babolat Pure Drive with their handle on it. This guy is pretty damn good, so I asked him if he ever played Futures. He looked surprised that I knew so much about tennis, and he said he did actually play Futures. I asked him if he won any matches (a lot of people don't) and he chuckled and said he did win some matches. Then I took it a step further and asked if he ever got main draw, and he said 3 times (one on grass!). Then when I got home I looked his name up on the ITF site and it came up with nothing  :Confused:  Same with Google. So now I'm a bit pessimistic...  :)~

I just got done playing with my brother who's 18 and #1 on his tennis team, and I won 6-3. Not a big deal as I've beaten him worse before  :)~ :)~  I played s**ttily in the beginning, but well in the end  :))

Played again with my brother. This time I won 6-2.

But I am not happy with how I played. I have a tournament coming up, and looking at the draw I have an easy path to the SF. The only kid who could stop me from the finals is someone who I've beaten twice, but they weren't too easy and he's been playing a lot more than me. The kid who will, probably, make the final from the top half is someone I played with all throughout the summer. Each time we play it's a different score. I've beaten him 6-0 6-2 before, and I've lost to him a bunch of other times. We're like dead even. So who knows... If I play like I did today then I won't get past the SF...  :\

Played again today. This time 6-0  :cool: :cool:

My brother had a mini-meltdown. But he was tired from working out, even though I worked out too  :har-har:

I played alright, but it was mostly my brother playing like s**t.

Tournament in 2 days, kinda pumped  :)&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; :)&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;

6-3 6-2

Horrible match. Couldn't move on red clay. Would've been 6-0 6-0 on HC. My next match is later today.

6-0 6-0

This was the same kid who I beat by the same score a while ago. He showed up 20 minutes late so got docked 3 games, and then I won the first 3 games at love so I guess it's considered a golden set :dunno:

Played like s**t though especially from the forehand side, so expectations are low for tomorrow :(


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