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Jerzy Janowicz: Djokovic and Federer? Nole's false/Fed full of himself

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This kid is something. Just when I thought Tomic was the biggest moron on the tour, now we have this. I'll comment later ...

Jerzy Janowicz: īNovak Djokovic and Roger Federer? The first one false, the other is full of himselfī[/size]

"After rising to prominence at last year's Masters 1000 even in Paris, Jerzy Janowicz has been rather outspoken about many elements on Tour. He recently continued that trend, saying to a newspaper: ĒI hate pretending. Iím always my self, I imitate no one, I donít play. Emotions guide me. When Iím angry I show it. I donít have idols. I used to like Sampras style and Safinís attitude. Djokovic is a false one, he just likes to show off and play. Federer instead is full of himself, he has something not natural. Itís hard to feel him like a integral part of all of us.Ē

Hey, this guy has gotten the most out of his 15 minutes of fame. 6 months ago, no one knew his name. Today, almost no one knows his name. In another 6 months we'll be saying, "Who was that guy...? What was his name?"

Brick Top:
Big mouth talks the talk.

Jerzy Janowicz HOW MANY TIMES!? (The REMIX!)

"For what?"

 ^ :rofl_2: :rofl_2: :rofl_2: :rofl_2: :rofl_2:

In soviet Poland, Janowicz doesn't have idols, idols have Janowicz.

 :rofl_2:  But seriously, I cannot stand this guy.


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