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Since videos from movies, sports or other stuff can move us I want to dedicate a thread to it.
Feel free to post the videos who are in your opinion, very special. Maybe a small description why it's a special video would be nice.

It can be a sports highlights/tribute video, a movieclip or something else. Try and post it in HQ or HD so we can enjoy the full experience!

The floor is yours!

Ending scene from Blood Diamond, in my opinion a very underrated movie.

Blood Diamond Epilogue - Solomon Vandy

In this scene, the world listened to an African witness of the diamond war. This scene shows how good and fitting music combined with a great actor turns into a great scene.

Clay Death:
this is a fantastic idea generalito. :))
this will further enhance the appeal and attraction of this great forum.
i am working on my sports images and you guy here are the world`s foremost experts on inspiring sports and movie videos.
so  we are offering a lot to the folks. chat section is fast becoming a 1 stop shopping experience for people.
maybe we should let the movie lounge drop to the very bottom and non-sticky it. i think this thread here is the one people will want to see and enjoy. vidoes are far more fun and exciting.
it does not look like there is a lot of interest in terms of people wanting to talk about movies at the movie thread. and we can always talk movies at the castle anyway.

Clay Death:
generalito was that the guy who was in "gladiator" also?


--- Quote from: Clay Death on February 07, 2013, 06:43:11 PM ---generalito was that the guy who was in "gladiator" also?

--- End quote ---

You have an eye for detail generalito. That guy is Djimon Hounsou and he has now played in 2 endings of 2 epic movies.
He also received an Golden Globe for Amistad if I'm not mistaken. Have you ever checked that movie?

I'm trying to edit and post the ending of him in Gladiator as well. He played the black slave and companion of Maximus.


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