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monstertruck! check in, Hoss!

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This didn't have much of an impact on us in Chicago, but monster is sitting right under it. How are ya, Hoss?

At this point it's been all hype.
Just a dusting of 6" or so here.
Hoping for more while I snooze for a few hours.
The forecasts vary here depending on which entertainment (weather) station you check.  The sensationalism makes me wanna barf.
Mumbles Menino shut down Boston at 4pm.
Moondog Maggie closed the roads here in NH at 7pm.
Big Brother & The Nanny State doing their best to impinge on individual rights in the name of protection.  Pardon me while I puke.

 :rofl_2: :rofl_2:

You have a point about the amount of soap the talking heads try to sell.

I hope you get this nanny. She was my favorite nanny of all-time!

Looks like 10-12" of snow out there at the moment.
No big deal after all the hype.
Am guessing some areas of Taxachussetts may have been gotten a bit more as the center of the storm seemed to linger there a tad longer.

Nothing but flurries now. :(

I'll be havin' none o' dat der Nanny nonsense. :nono:
Leave that to the submissive lemmings.

Some folks got buried! Looked upwards of 2.5 feets.


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