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When did you start playing tennis?

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Orange Wombat:
I started at 6. I didn't take any lessons until age 10. My dad had picked up a wooden racket in India, and he taught himself how to play, then taught me how to play with a baby racket he had purchased for $10. I didn't learn any techniques, but my dad would randomly throw balls in the corner of the court and make me run and hit them. So my anticipation and movement started out really good, but my groundstrokes were sh*t.  :rofl_2:

I started when I was 9/10. I wish I had started earlier...

I was about 12 when I started. Did take any lessons, jut taught myself. I wish I had started earlier and taken lessons, but oh well.

15 when i first started playing

I was 12 when I played for the first time.


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