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ATP/WTA MEMPHIS, 2/16-24, 2012

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Sijsling d Melzer 64 76(3)
Querrey d Falla 63 63
Russell d Bogomolov 62 64
BLAKE d Mayer 46 63 62

Rybarikova d Davis 76(2) 62
Lisicki d Keys 75 63
Feuerstein d Hradecka 63 64
Hlavackova d Oudin 64 36 63 ( :rofl_2:)


--- Quote from: Dallas on February 19, 2013, 04:35:37 PM ---Hlavackova d Oudin 64 36 63 ( :rofl_2:)

--- End quote ---

You know, I'm almost starting to believe Oudin is not a future #1....

Raonic lost to StinkySocks. tennis is dead  :rip:. blah  :depressed:


--- Quote from: Alex on February 21, 2013, 01:39:35 AM ---Raonic lost to StinkySocks. tennis is dead  :rip:. blah  :depressed:

--- End quote ---

Wow, Sir Alex, I'm a little surprised at your reaction. :)
Lately you have been complaining (and rightly so) that hardly any young guns are rising up to beat their higher ranked elders.

And here, Mr. Sock has just done it.  Please don't tell me this is a national issue for you...

I understand you probably like Mr. Raonic, but he probably just had an off day while Sock had a good day or maybe it's a match up issue.

From what I've seen and heard, Milos seems like a very nice respectable young man. He has a great attitude.  I've rarely seen him complain about anything.  If he can improve his backhand significantly, and his movement somewhat, he would be a very dangerous player, maybe even top 5.  His serve and forehand are tops.

Jack Sock has upward potential as a 20 year old player.  Too bad his surname is subject to such ridicule. :(


Clay Death:
 :)) :))


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