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WTA DUBAI, 2/16-23/2013

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Clay Death:
dallas your sig has been nominated in the sig contest. :)) :))


--- Quote from: Clay Death on February 19, 2013, 09:49:58 PM ---dallas your sig has been nominated in the sig contest. :)) :))

--- End quote ---

Thanks to YOU! :))

Clay Death:
tomorrow i will work on  another sig for you.
i think we can make this look even better. it can be better color coordinated for example. and the images are not clear enough. i realize it is hard to find clear images on the internet but i can try looking anyway.
my job is to help you win the sig contest dallas.

Clay Death:
dallas this is your new improved sig. this one has flawless color coordination and perfect balance.
2 smiling faces in the sig also make it a vewry special one.

check your PM. i posted it there for your also so you can start enjoying it right away.

And the winner is....

Julia Georges!

Continuing in the long line of one year wonders. She's not good.


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