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Orange Wombat:
Hi! I play a lot of tennis, mainly with friends. I consider myself to have a natural "feel" for the game for the game, though donít want to sound too much like Arrogantomic  :)~.

Hereís a general overview:

Serve: My first and second serve are the same. Both are medium pace, maybe 70-80 mph. I rarely miss 1st serves, but when I do I double fault a lot.

Return: I just try to get the ball back into the court. Occasionally Iíll get into my opponentís head by doing a Djokovic and smashing the 1st serve return.

Forehand: My forehand technique kind of shifts every time. I can hit with a lot of spin or very flat and my backswing varies. Itís not pretty, but I can get it in. I also use the forehand slice a lot.

Backhand: My backhand is hard and flat. I struggle a lot with the high backhand. I never use backhand slice, though I probably should.

Volley: I go to the net pretty frequently, but Iím extremely inconsistent. I miss easy volleys and make difficult ones.

Speed/Movement: Iím a speed-freak and can get to practically any ball, but my footwork sucks. Think Monfils.

Mental: I choke a lot, but I also make a lot of comebacks from 4-1 or 5-2 down.

Game plan: I usually go for my shots and try to hit the lines, but when Iím down in a match Iíll start pushing and moonballing. If I want to, I can hit 50+ balls in a row in, but Iím usually too impatient. I also frequently overhead from the baseline because Iím short.

You sound a lot like how I play  :gleam:
(Running) Speed is our weapon  :))

Orange Wombat:
Oh, I forgot I had a tennis journal  :)~

I won a match against some guy 6-2 6-3  :) I'm not on the college tennis team, this is some kind of semi-competitive club...

Also, I'm working to change my forehand swing motion. Before I would just swipe at the ball, now I'm aiming to hit it more like Davydenko

Nice! Why aren't you on the tennis team?  :)~

Orange Wombat:

--- Quote from: Freak3yman84 on March 17, 2013, 10:42:19 AM ---Nice! Why aren't you on the tennis team?  :)~

--- End quote ---

I didn't play well enough on that day  :Confused: Simple


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