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This is sad: Rebecca Marino quits tennis because of depression

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...Meet Rebecca Marino, a 22-year-old Canadian tennis player who has been ranked as high as 38th in the world in women's professional tennis. Marino has a 150-107 record in her WTA career, with no wins and one runner-up back in 2011. This week, Marino announced that she would be retiring from professional tennis because she was struggling with all the online abuse she was getting from "fans" that berated her on social media.

Marino admitted during a conference call this week announcing her retirement that she has been battling depression for over six years and all the negative energy from the social media outlets just pushed her into a darker place instead of improving her outlook on life.

“Social media has also taken its toll on me," Marino said, saying that she would receive numerous tweets that tell her to "go die" and "go burn in hell" and even scold her for costing her money if people had bet on her during certain matches.
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Hopefully she'll just take some time away for now until she's in a better place. She's young, she has a lot of tennis ahead of her.

:cheer: Rebecca!

Sorry for the dumb comment, but, why didn't she just delete her social media accounts?  :confused1:

I agree. No one makes anyone look at the social media on line. That's a choice - so if you are bothered by it - just don't go in line! That seems more sensible than retiring from tennis!!

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A better article, here. It's really about her 6 year (since 16) struggle with depression.

--- Quote ---“I have been suffering from depression for many years, and I had gotten to my lowest point last February,” she said of the time her first hiatus began one year ago. “I opened up to my friends and family about what was going on. This was one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but it is also the best thing I have ever done. Seeking help got me through to a better outlook, and made me enjoy life. To this day I still struggle with my depression, but I am doing far better than before.”

Marino said that at points during her hiatus, her depression left her unable to perform basic tasks.
“I’ve had days where I haven’t been able to get out of bed,” she said. “I’ve had days where I can’t even go to put my clothes on. It’s really hard to describe, but you just have this smothered feeling of grey.”

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That first article was sensationalizing social media bullying  :thumb-down: not the real story here.

Gotcha  :))


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