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NEW GAME has been made in the Tennis Games section! (It is called "Games")

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Orange Wombat:
Look, I know there is already a lot of tennis games, and people may not have much time. BUT this tennis game will have the least work load. When you enter for a tournament you can do WHICHEVER matches you want and how many ever matches you want. It's a "high-risk=high reward" kind of game. Also, it's an ongoing thing, which means that points are added up for each tournament the entire year.

To keep it simple, I'll make it only for masters and Slams.


The name is called "Sets". So it makes sense that the point of the game is to predict the number of sets of a match. You can choose WHICEVER MATCH YOU WANT within the round. You can do up to 2 matches per round. If you get the prediction right, you get a certain amount of points.

There are also other things you can predict along with the sets. This includes picking the winner of the match. Also, you are allowed to predict an "Extra" for the match for a large number of points. This can be the # of breaks of serve, # of tiebreaks, score of final set, and time of match. You don't have to do an extra if you do not want to.

Again, this will be an ongoing thing, so you tally up the points for each correct thing predicted.

So who's in?  :)) :))

Sounds confusing  :Confused:

Orange Wombat:
Let me clarify for you

1. Pick a match in Round 1.
2. Predict the number of sets for that match.
3. Pick a winner for that match.
4. If you WANT to, you may predict the final set score, time of the match, number of service breaks, or number of tiebreakes.

You get a certain amount of points for each correct decision. Number 4 is optional.

You can do this for up to 2 matches for each round of the tournament.


I'm not sure if I have time between FITD, Suicide tennis, FTM, etc. But I guess I would try :dunno:

Orange Wombat:

--- Quote from: Freak3yman84 on February 23, 2013, 10:41:29 AM ---I'm not sure if I have time between FITD, Suicide tennis, FTM, etc. But I guess I would try :dunno:

--- End quote ---

Neither do I have time, so I'm only doing it for Masters and Grand Slams. Plus, it will be an ongoing tournament, so you can do it as much as you want or as little as you want.


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