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Gulbis: Some in Top 100 ‘can't play tennis’

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I heard about this during his match with Blake.
Well, here it is.
By the way, Gulbis isn't even in the top 100 yet but will be soon.  :rofl_2:
This confirms what I've seen out of him in the past recent matches, there is a difference in his attitude.
Former Delray Beach champion Ernests Gulbis tells the Sun Sentinel that there are players ranked inside the Top 100 who aren’t very good.
The Latvian, who had to qualify for this week's tournament in Delray Beach, has seen his ranking drop from a career-high No. 21 in February 2011 to No. 109.
“I was really getting pissed to see who's in the top 100,'' the 24-year-old Gulbis said. "There are some guys who I don't know who they are. Some guys, I'm sorry, with respect—they can't play tennis."
Gulbis, who has been said by some to have Top 10 potential, hired coach Gunther Berezniki last summer and said that he is in better shape and ready to fulfill his potential.
"This is the first year I really want to do this,'' Gulbis said. "I'm starting to enjoy tennis much more. Before I didn't like it, honestly. I had a couple of good wins and enjoyed it. Then I went on the wrong path and was doing wrong stuff for my game. Now, I want to play maybe five more years and do the best I can. My goal is to really win something big.”

Clay Death:
interesting. :))

Let's hope he can achieve something. He's got a great game when he's on.

Orange Wombat:
Too bad he doesn't name anyone.

Pissed at who's in the Top 100. Umm, they earned their spot there. Just because you suck so much, you can't get in there anymore doesn't mean that the rankings system is rigged. Get over yourself. What an idiot.


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