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Rules of Play (Attention, rules modified as it is now clay season)

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Orange Wombat:
This game is very simple. The objective is to gain as many points as possible, which can be achieved by correct predictions.

Here is what you must do:

1. Choose a singles match in the tournament.
2. Predict the number of sets you think will happen in that match. You will get 2 points for a correct prediction.
3. Predict the winner of the match. You will get 1 point for a correct prediction.

______ _____ _ _ _ _ _ _____          _______

Extras: These are predictions that are optional. You may only choose one. If you get it correct it will add to your point total.

- Predict the score of the final set of the match (+5 if correct)
- Predict the number of tiebreakers in the match(+2 if correct)
- Predict the time of the match to the minute. (+5 if your prediction is within 10 minutes of the actual match time)
- Predict the amount of service breaks in the match. (+6 if correct)

Note: If some player withdraws from a match, it counts as Player X def Player Y, 0 sets, 0 tiebreakers, 0 breaks of serve.
If a player retires from a match BEFORE the first set ends it will count as Player X def Player Y, 0 sets. If the player retires in the middle of the second set, it will count as Player X def Player Y, one set. Retirement and Walkover are to be taken literally as predictions.

Important: You may only do TWO matches per each round of the tournament. _

All you must know is listed above. This game will only take place in MASTERS 1000 and GRAND SLAMS tournaments.

It is an ongoing game so that means that each contestant will have their points added up to their total as the year progresses. Everyone can participate how much they want to, whenever they want.

Good luck and VAMOS!! ;-() :))

Freakyman agrees to abide by all rules provided.

Can we choose two matches in every round (but the final) and so get 13 matches in total for a slam? Or is there a total match limit for the tournament?
Do these look like proper tips?
E Gulbis - N Djokovic 2-0, final set 6-4
J Huta Galung - A Murray 2-1, one TB
R Berankis - R Federer 2-0, 1h 25min
F Fognini - R Nadal 2-1, 17 BOS

I'll give it a try!

Clay Death:
great game.
lets prepare to do battle and to have some fun with this. :)) :))


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