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Predict-A-Match Indian Wells (Clash is the winner, Congratulations!!!)

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Orange Wombat:

Draw it out! Click on the link above.

Make your picks now. Follow the rules, and YOU MAY ONLY PREDICT UP TO 2 MATCHES FOR EACH ROUND.

Here is what you must do:

1. Choose a singles match in the tournament.
2. Predict the number of sets you think will happen in that match. You will get 2 points for a correct prediction.
3. Predict the winner of the match. You will get 1 point for a correct prediction.

______ _____ _ _ _ _ _ _____          _______

Extras: These are predictions that are optional. You may only choose one. If you get it correct it will add to your point total.

- Predict the score of the final set of the match (+5 if correct)
- Predict the number of tiebreakers in the match(+3 if correct)
- Predict the time of the match to the minute. (+6 if your prediction is within 10 minutes of the actual match time)
- Predict the amount of service breaks in the match. (+4 if correct)

Bernard Tomic def. Thomaz Bellucci, straight sets, 1hour25minutes
Robin Haase def. James Blake, 3 sets, 6-4 final set


Falla def. Phau in 2 sets
0 tiebreakers

Nalbandian def. Granollers in 2 sets
0 tiebreakers

Orange Wombat:
1. Davydenko def Mathieu, 2 sets, no tiebreaks

2. Soeda def Harrison, 3 sets, 6-3 final set

Anderson defeats Hanescu in 2 sets, 1h14min.

Haase defeats Blake in 3 sets, 6-3 final set


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