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Predict-A-Match Indian Wells (Clash is the winner, Congratulations!!!)

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Anderson def Hanescu 2-0, two BOS
Hewitt def. Rosol 2-0, no TBs

Orange Wombat:
Live update:

Freak3yman84 has 6 points
EnriqueIG8, Clash, and Litotes each have 3.

Clash and Enrique narrowly missed out on the jackpot  :Confused:

FreakyGOAT playing it safe and paying off  :cool:

Clay Death:
ryan harrison vs go soeda:

harrison wins in straights: 6-4, 6-4.

gulbis vs f lopez:

gulbis in 3 sets over f lopez. gulbis wins the the final set 7-5.

Orange Wombat:

Orange Wombat: 7 (I predicted the score of the final set right!!  :king:)
Litotes: 7
Freak3yman84: 6
Enrique: 3
Clash: 3
Clay Death: 2


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