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All skill level players!
« on: September 25, 2015, 02:12:07 PM »
Registration eTennisLeague Fall Season 2015 is closing in a few days. Register to play competitive tennis and play for cash prize and trophy.

This league works as follows. In this league, you are choosing players against you want to play. There is no predetermined schedule, you are making your own schedule. When season starts you will get the list of players from your division with their contact info (you'll see that list at your dashboard). You will have to choose opponents against whom you want to play and contact them to schedule matches or one of them will contact you.

In this way you can choose to play with nearest opponents (only from your neighborhood) and you are choosing time and place in agreement with them (time that is mutually convenient). You do not have to play with everyone in the league. It is only important to win 5 sets to get qualified for playoff, and you can play as many matches as you want for 60 days, while season lasts.

If you get qualified for playoff then we'll give you the schedule (you won't be allowed to choose opponents and you'll have a time frame to play a match, usually one week and even then you are choosing day and time within given time frame).