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Kind hellos to everyone. Some of you may know me already from MTF, some of you may not, so to those, a few words. I am 27, I'm from Romania, I work as a programmer, and the players I enjoy most are Federer and Hewitt. I have developed an automatic ATP ranking update system that is currently operational for display on MTF. I won't link you to it though, you may have to search for it yourselves if you don't know it. I could do it here as well, if requested enough.

I'm happy to join your community and I hope to exchange lots of glorious times. :gleam:

Welcome, Slasher :) Always nice to see you  :))

You're everywhere. :lmao:

Same here, we can't have a tennis forum without you. :)

You're too kind :)
Ah, there is the bigger sig also. Nice to be able to read it without squinting :)

Welcome Marv! I, of course, request you do the live rankings here. :))


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