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Predict-A-Match Rankings and Tournament Winners (Last Updated 6/10)


Orange Wombat:
Rankings undergoing repair...(accidentally deleted all information) sorry, will be ready tomorrow

Maybe I'll make an excel chart or something to make this neater  :)

Tournament Winners

March 6- March 16: Indian Wells Masters 1000,   Winner= Clash
March 18- March 31: Miami Masters 1000,          Winner= EnriqueIG8
April 13- April 21: Monte-Carlo Masters 1000,     Winner= Freak3yman84
May 5- May 12: Madrid Masters 1000                 Winner= Freak3yman84
Rome not played
May 17- June 9: French Open Grand Slam           Winner= Litotes

Clay Death:
congrats to general duncan. he is destroying the field.
total domination by general duncan.


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