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I haven't been able to indulge my tennis watching much these last few months, and for IW & Miami the time difference didn't help.

I did however manage to catch up on some matches.  What a treat to see Haas playing his superb game again. His match against Djokovic was inspirational. What a pity he ran out of steam. There was some excellent tennis from Gasquet too.

And congratulations to Murray for winning the title. He was clearly not playing his best game here,  but still won it & deserves to be congratulated for his focus & determination in coming back from a set down to win. Congratulations to him too for attaining the number 2 ranking. I'm looking forward to seeing how he'll do in the rest of the season.

Ferrer's game has never been an eye catching one for me, but his work ethic is admirable.  I think he's won the most matches of the top players this season to date - and should take heart from getting to the final at Miami. 


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