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ATP/WTA Mutua Madrid Open (05/03-12, 2013)

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I'm in Canada :P missed the final, unfortunately, because I was travelling but I kept up with the scores. Seems like Nadal didn't have much trouble. I'll have to miss Rome completely (besides the final). Won't even be able to keep up with scores. But I feel confident that when I get back and check who's in the final, Nadal will be there. Then he'll dominate RG like always. Then things get interesting  :))

Congratulations to Nadal. What a comeback after his long absence! His 2nd 1000 title win ( IW and  Madrid) Getting to the MC final & winning Barcelona.  And I think he won 2 titles in S.America ?
A quite superb achievement. 

And congratulations to Wawrinka for getting back into the top 10.


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