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Hi everyone!

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Like many of the members here, I also come from MTF and decided to join this much friendlier, civilized, and quieter place. This after one of  my favorite poster got permabanned just recently. I will choose to keep it a secret who I am on MTF ( i'm a massive troll ) because I like to start in a good way here. I hope you all welcome me with both hands.  :))

Welcome pal!

The most activity is in the chat threads here.

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Welcome friend.

I'm glad to see more and more MTF moving over here. Better and better. :)~

I already know who you are on MTF  :)~  Don't worry, I'll keep it secret  :)) :))


Clay Death:
welcome to this fantastic tennis community friend.
post away and have a blast here.
please invite your friends here as well when you have some time.
in my estimation this is the by far the finest and the most supportive tennis community on the planet.


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