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Hi everyone!

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Silverlining, who are your favorite players?

Clay Death makes awesome super sigs for free, and he can make you one if you request it  :))

We pride ourselves on having the best sigs  :)

Thanks Clay, Freaky, Slash, Enrique.....

I think more and more MTF members will be joining here in the coming days.   :))

Freaky- My faves are Federer and Novak...

And thanks in advance CLAY DEATH if you ever make me one.  :cool:

I'll pass the word on.

Feel free to join us at the Castle:  ;-()

We'd love it if you invited more good people over here  :)

Orange Wombat:
Welcome silverlining!  :)) You are a girl right?

Also, who was your double account on MTF? I remember you got banned for double account


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