Author Topic: Do left-handers naturally hit with more topspin?  (Read 6171 times)

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Re: Re: Do left-handers naturally hit with more topspin?
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I don't think that's true of lefties; even if they do hit with more spin, how is that going to help you win matches? Personally I believe that spin is generated in the motion a split second after the ball hits the strings, by the way the arm is positioned and the movement of the arm after the ball has lifted, what is generally called follow through. The guys who have high spins have these two qualities regardless of whether they are lefties or not.

You do know how Nadal wins matches, don't you?

Of course he does but everyone at the professional level learns to handle spin. fed is not far behind in his spin records.

Let me ask you another question. Why do people like Lopez not win matches like Rafa?

Because Lopez has the athletic ability of a 70-year old  :confused1:

That explanation works for me.

This entire thread is for playing patty cake.

Sorry Freak. You can't draw blood from a rock.

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