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MONTE CARLO 2013 14-21 April

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Perhaps the coolest location in the world for a tennis tournament. :cool:

Orange Wombat:

--- Quote from: monstertruck on April 13, 2013, 09:54:44 AM ---Perhaps the coolest location in the world for a tennis tournament. :cool:

--- End quote ---

And not just for tennis tournaments. Players from all over Europe come to Monte-Carlo to train and get money

Most players are looking to escape the soaring tax rates in the Eurozone.
The climate and location are not to shabby either! :cloud 9:

^^^ It is just stunning, Monstertruck. I was last there in 2009, I love the place.

I see Djokovic is still listed, but wonder whether he'll actually play.
Still, there is a good field here & some good matches up early:

Klizan / Monaco
Dolgopolov / Tomic
Janowicz / Anderson 
Goffin Almagro
Dodig / Paire
Kohlshrieber / Bellucci

Hopefully, good stuff.

It looks like Djokovic will play and I think he is a retard. he should rest, he doesn't need to defend his points there, he doesn't need MC and I see him exiting the tournament earl, by probably tanking. I also think he plays just to please the organizers, but whatever that's my conspiracy theory  :paper bag:

I'm looking forward to that potential Rafa/Murray match. It should be very interesting :)

Anyway, Nadal is winning MC one way or another.


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