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Rafael Nadal Getting Nasty On His Volleys 101


Rafael Nadal Getting Nasty On His Volleys 101

Having trouble with your volley game? Could it get better? Think some tips from "Rafa" might help? If so, press the play button above.

Press play on the video above for some cool analysis of key volley strategies Rafael Nadal uses to make his time at net so nasty.

Incorporating these strategies into your own play just might make the difference you've been hoping for.

Why Rafa?

Well, the "Spanish Specialist" is no longer just a "baseline banger." He's now expanded his game from just glorious groundstrokes and presently packs a net game that's just as powerful.

...That's pretty much why.

His volley STRATEGY is brutal (...on his opponents) and really helps his game flourish.

So, let's dive into this fun video and find out what makes this guy so difficult to stop. ...And hopefully your game will blossom because of it.



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