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Full Open Era Rankings (RESEARCH PHASE)

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I actually managed to patch together rules and ranking points systems for the period 1973-1989. A lot of information is available for 1986-1989 (on ATP site player pages). But the system is clearly dependent on tournament prize money, so it was logical that I could reconstruct the points awarded between 1982-1989. I am positive this is correct so, I'm gonna use green for CONFIRMED.

For 1973-1981 I found out that a star system was used for tournaments and since I had the start (wikipedia page) and I had the end (for what I constructed) I was able to build the system as was used. I still need to confirm most of the stuff, but I'm almost sure they're correct, so I'm marking them with yellow for ALMOST SURE.

I managed to find out that the Bonus system was probably used since the start of the computer rankings, in its simplest form, and I found the information about the bonus system used between 84 and 89. Unfortunately, I still need to confirm the bonus point system between 1976 and 1983. I built an in-between form or two for it, but it's gonna be marked with red inside my table as UNCONFIRMED.

Also, since this project is going to contain the full Open Era rankings, I am going to go back before 1973 and start with the exact advent of the Open Era in 1968. This was even easier than expected, as I managed to find (also on wikipedia) the Grand Prix points system as were awarded in 1970, and I built upon that to recreate the increase in points between 1970-1972.

All that remained was 1968-1969 where I had to use creativity to award points less than the 1970 system. This period didn't have a Grand Prix, the number of open tournaments is scarce, so I used only 2 categories of tournaments (GS and regular). This is all invented to make the system work from the start and it does not go far in assuming the points, but I'm gonna use blue for INVENTED.

Up to come are the 1990+ which will be easier to find than the previous ones, but the data will take longer to construct. I already know a few places where to search.

Litotes - provided YE rankings with points and averages for 1976-1983.
asmazif - provided YE rankings by Lance Tingay for 1968-1971.
bry17may - provided link to a tournament database site that will prove useful in piecing together missing information.
Eduardo Puppo (CNN Espanol journalist) - provided 1976 and 1977 official ranking systems. Provided 1990 official ranking system, provided YE rankings with points and averages for 1973-1975 along with Grand Prix tournament lists.
JonG - provided 1973-1975 YE rankings with points and averages.

Here are the findings I have for now:

So, there are basically 5 periods here:
I. Pre-GP (1968-1969)
II. Pre-Computer Rankings (1970-1972)
III. Computer Group Period (1973-1975)
IV. Star System Period (1976-1981)
V. Prize Dependency Period (1982-1989)

WCT was part of the rankings between 1978 and 1981 and their prize money afforded them stars and allowing them to award points to players. From 1982 onwards, WCT broke away from the Grand Prix and WCT events never received ranking points again. The WCT ranking was available back then, but is not going to be taken into consideration here, because we are interesting in recreating the official rankings (with points) for everyone to be able to see them. Also, it is possible that I am going to identify errors made by the ATP in calculations, so, we may be able to see differences from the official rankings.

There's still some unclear stuff and the research will continue. When it's done, we can start walking this road, if you're with me. :))

 Marian, I have access to exact rankings pr year end 1976, 77 and 78. Not entirely complete, but for all top players and quite a bit down the list. Would they help you? Give you a few more measuring sticks

It would be perfect if you can provide me with those. :))

I would have confirmation for those years. Thank you very much.


--- Quote from: Slasher1985 on April 18, 2013, 06:43:13 AM ---It would be perfect if you can provide me with those. :))

I would have confirmation for those years. Thank you very much.

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure how to upload PDF-files here. If you PM me an email address you will get them sent there :)

I sent you my email through PM. Did you get it?


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